Best Blender for Smoothies: The Story of My Discovery
Blender for Smoothies

Finding the best blenders for smoothies is a bit harder than what you might think. And, this is something that I have learned the hard way. There are some blenders that are not made for making smoothies. And, this is the truth. There are some blenders that you never can use for making a smoothie. Here is why:

The pitcher too shallow

The first blender that I have bought for making smoothies, was a small, cheap blender I thought that was good enough to make me some of the delicious smoothies. However, the moment that I start blending the smoothie something happened:

The fruit that was on the bottom of the blender was really smooth, but the fruit on top wasn’t. And when I tried to shake the pitcher the lid fell off.

There was smoothie all over the place. The thing that I have learned with this, is that if you are buying a blender for making smoothies, you need to buy a blender with a large pitcher. This is to ensure that your smoothie blends evenly. The large pitchers are the best blender for smoothies.

The motor is not strong enough

Trying to blend hard fruit and vegetables is not a great idea if the motor of the blender isn’t strong enough, or if you are buying a cheap blender. When you are blending hard fruit and think that you are going to have a delicious smoothie, then think again.

The motor can burn out and will leave you with a half smoothie, half fruit. Not really delicious. This is why you should look at the wattage of the blender’s motor.

If you are looking for the best blender for smoothies, then the motor should be more than 1000 watts. Anything less will just burn out and let you need to buy another blender very soon.

What happen when you crush ice in a cheap blender?

Did you ever try to cut ice to make an icy smoothie with a cheap blender? You can imagine what is going to happen. The blade can break in a million pieces. And, you even can’t use the ice because of the blade pieces.

Blender for Smoothies

Not every blender is ideal and has strong blades that can slice and blend ice. The blades of a cheap blender are not made of stainless steel. It is breakable. The lesson? If you are buying a cheap blender and not the best blender for smoothies, then don’t even think about slicing and blending ice for an ice smoothie.

We all are always looking for the cheapest model when we are buying something. And, it is the same with buying a blender. But, the lesson that I have learned is that if you are buying a blender and think about making smoothies with it every day, then don’t buy the cheapest one that you can find. Do your homework and make sure that you are buying the best blender for smoothies.

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